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Remote control unit
Installing the battery
Before using the remote control unit
A lithium battery comes installed in the remote control unit.
Before use, pull out the insulation sheet.
Replacing the battery
Slide out the battery holder from the remote control by pushing
into the hole in the holder with a ball-point pen, etc.
Pull out the old lithium battery from the battery case and insert
a new one. Place the battery so that the + (positive) side faces
Replace the battery case in its original position.
a ball-point pen, etc.
Battery case
Misuse of the lithium battery can result in heat buildup, ignition, or
rupture. Bear in mind the following points when using or replacing
The supplied battery is for testing the functionality of the remote
Use a CR2025 lithium battery.
Do not handle the battery roughly or deconstruct the battery.
When replacing the battery, place it with correct polarity (+ and -).
Do not leave the battery in a place subject to high temperature, such
as a place subject to direct sunlight.
Keep the battery in a place beyond infants’ or children’s reach. If a
battery is swallowed, consult a physician immediately.
If electrolyte has leaked, discard the battery immediately. Be careful
when handling such a battery, because if the electrolyte is attached
to your skin or clothes, you may be burned. If it is accidentally
attached, immediately wash with tap water then consult a physician.
When a battery which is no longer required is to be discarded,
insulate it with tape, etc. and dispose of it in a place without fire,
by following the directions (regulations) laid down by the local
authorities in the area concerned for its disposal.
Used batteries should be disposed of in accordance with the local
regulations regarding battery disposal.
Operating range of the remote control unit
Point the remote control unit at the remote sensor when operating it.
Approx. 5 m
The set may function improperly or the remote control unit may not
operate if the remote control sensor is exposed to direct sunlight,
strong artificial light from an inverter type fluorescent lamp or infrared
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