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Connecting an iPod
You can enjoy music stored on an iPod.
For operating instructions see “Playback iPod
” (
page 16
Turn the power on (
page 9
to open the iPod DOCK.
Connect an iPod to the connector of the iPod DOCK.
Use a commercially available dock adapter (sold separately), if necessary.
Dock adapter
Dock connector
When an iPod is connected to this unit’s iPod dock,it will be recharged whenever this unit’s power is ON.
When the iPod is completely charged,the unit stops charging. When the unit’s power is OFF, it does not
charge connected iPods.
When an iPod is inserted into this unit's iPod dock, the top of the iPod is higher than the top of the unit.
Leave 10cm or more space open about the unit to prevent interference with devices installed above it.
This unit is compatible with iPod’s equipped with fourth generation or later Dock connectors.
iPod shuffles do not have dock connectors, so they cannot be used with the dock. They can, however,
be connected using the AUX IN jack (
page 17
,“Importing sounds from the external equipment”).
Always remove any case from an iPod before connecting it. Connecting with a case on might prevent
complete connection and proper operation and playback.
Always use an adapter that is suitable for the iPod that you are using. The use of an unsuitable adapter
could damage the connectors of both devices.
Opening the iPod dock
Press the center of the iPod dock, where it says “PUSH OPEN” to open the dock, and then pull it out. Pull
the iPod dock completely out until it locks into place before using it.
Pull the dock out until it clicks into
the locked position.
Do not move the iPod dock left, right, up or down when it is pulled out.
Do not place anything other than an iPod on the iPod dock when it is pulled out.
Removing the iPod
Before connecting or disconnecting an iPod, set the output source to CD or AUX (not iPod), or turn the
CD player’s power OFF.
When connecting and disconnecting an iPod, align it with the dock connector and proceed gently to
prevent putting pressure on the dock connector.
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