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Installing the hard disk drive
a_Turn off the power of your computer
b_Unplug the external power cables to the computer.
c_Open the cover of your Computer
Cover opening mechanism and the location of the hard disk drive may vary from one computer to another. (Consult your computer manual)
d_Insert the HDD into an available 3.5" bay in your computer and secure it to the chassis using the provided screws.
e_Connect Cables.
1.Attach the SATA interface cable to the interface connector on the hard disk drive.
2.Attach the power cable to the power receptor on the hard disk drive. The connector is keyed and will fit in only one way.
3.Check all other cable connections before turning on your computer.
Do not force or rock the connectors into their sockets on the hard disk drive. Push them in straight until they are seated.
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