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The upper rack has been designed for small plates, mugs, glasses, and plastic items marked “dishwasher
safe”. Load your plates into the dishwasher in two half rows, so that the front of each plate faces the back
of the plate in front of it, and the open sides of the plates at the center of the dishwasher face each other.
See the illustrations below.
Make sure the loaded dishes do not interfere with the rotation of the nozzle which is located at the bottom
of the upper rack. (Check this by rotating the nozzle by hand.)
When loading dishes, pull the upper rack out sufficiently so you can load it without striking the counter
10 place setting
12 place setting
Using the glass support
You can load cups or glasses onto the glass support. This is also very convenient for washing
wine glasses. Hang your wine glasses onto the pegs of the glass support.
You can fold the glass support back when it is not being used.
DW80K7050 Series
DW80K5050 Series
using your dishwasher
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