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The lower rack has been especially designed for dinner dishes, soup bowls, plates, pots, lids, casserole
dishes, and plates.
Load large items such as pans and pots into the dishwasher so their open sides face downwards. We
recommend loading cups, stemware, and small plates into the upper rack.
See the recommended loading patterns below.
10 place setting
12 place setting
Loading the large items into the StormWash™ zone
You can load large items such as pots and pans into the
StormWash™ Zone - identified by red guide lines - In the
lower rack for more effective cleaning. When you select the
StormWash™ option, an additional, powerful jet is activated
and directed at items in the StormWash™ Zone. Make sure
pot handles and other items do not interfere with the rotation
of the nozzles.
using your dishwasher
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