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Delay start
When you select the Delay Start option, your dishwasher will:
Start draining to remove remaining water at once (pre-drain).
Your dishwasher will operate the selected cycle when the delay time expires.
When using the dishwasher, try to arrange the dishes properly as described on page
You should remove food remains such as bones, fruit seeds, etc. and any other waste such
as toothpicks, paper, etc. from the dishes as these may cause damage to the dishes, create
noise, or cause the dishwasher to malfunction.
Select the appropriate cycle depending on the level of soil and the type of dishes.
Use only the proper amount of detergent and rinsing agent.
Do not wash the following items
Acrylic or Aluminum items:
Dishes with printed gold rim decoration may become
Dishes treated with adhesive:
Treated plastics, wood, ivory, copper, and tin may come
Plastics with a temperature tolerance less than 194 ˚F (90 ˚C):
Thin plastics wash and dry
poorly, and may be damaged due to elevated wash temperatures.
Tin should be washed by hand and dried immediately as it may rust.
Wooden utensils:
Wooden items may crack.
using your dishwasher
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