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for recommendations
that may help you avoid a service call.
If you experience
Recommended Solutions
Dishwasher does
not run or stops
during a cycle
It is normal for certain cycles to repeatedly pause for several seconds during the main wash. Is the door closed tightly and
Is the right cycle selected?
Is there power to the dishwasher? Has a household fuse blown, or has a circuit breaker tripped? Replace the fuse or reset
the circuit breaker. If the problem continues, call an electrician.
Has the motor stopped due to an overload? The motor automatically resets itself within a few minutes. If it does not restart,
call for service.
Is the water shutoff valve (if installed) turned on?
The Clean light is
Check the following:
Is the overfill protection float able to move up and down freely? Press down to release.
Be sure the water supply is turned on to the dishwasher. This is very important following the new installation of your
Check for suds in the dishwasher. If foam or suds are detected by the dishwasher sensing system, the dishwasher may
not operate properly or may not fill with water.
Suds can come from:
Using the incorrect type of detergent, such as laundry detergent, hand soap, or dish detergent for hand washing
Forgetting to replace the rinse aid dispenser cap after filling (or refilling) the rinse aid.
Using an excessive amount of dishwasher detergent.
Dishes do not dry
Plastic and items with nonstick surfaces are difficult to dry because they have a porous surface which tends to
collect water droplets. Towel drying may be necessary.
Use of rinse aid along with Heat Dry option is needed for proper drying.
Proper loading of items can affect drying.
Glasses and cups with concave bottoms hold water. This water may spill onto other items when unloading.
Unload the bottom rack first.
For improved results, place these items on the more slanted side of the rack.
Surging sounds can occur periodically throughout the cycle while the dishwasher is draining.
Normal water valve hissing may be heard periodically.
A normal snap sound may be heard when the detergent dispenser opens during the cycle or when the door is opened
at the end of the cycle.
Improper installation will affect noise levels.
Be sure the filters are properly installed.
A thumping sound may be heard if items extend beyond the racks and interfere with the wash arms. Readjust the dishware
and resume the cycle.
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