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If you run into any problems using your
camcorder, use the following table to
troubleshoot the problem. If the problem
persists, disconnect the power source and
contact your Sony dealer.
Notes before sending your camcorder
for repair
Your camcorder may be required to initialize or
change the current hard disk of the camcorder,
depending on the problem. In the event of this,
the data stored on the hard disk will be deleted.
Be sure to save the data on the internal hard disk
(see “Handycam Handbook” (PDF)) on other
media (backup) before sending your camcorder
for repair. We will not compensate you for any
loss of hard disk data.
During repair, we may check a minimum amount
of data stored on the hard disk in order to
investigate the problem. However, your Sony
dealer will neither copy nor retain your data.
The power does not turn on.
• Attach a charged battery pack to the
camcorder (p.11).
• Connect the plug of the AC Adaptor to
the wall outlet (p.11).
• Set the camcorder onto the Handycam
Station securely (p.11).
The camcorder does not operate even
when the power is set to on.
It takes a few seconds for your camcorder
to be ready to shoot after the power is
turned on. This is not a malfunction.
• Disconnect the AC Adaptor from the
wall outlet or remove the battery pack,
then reconnect it after about 1 minute. If
the functions still do not work, press the
RESET button (p.20) using a sharp-
pointed object. (If you press the RESET
button, all settings, including the clock
setting, are reset.)
• The temperature of your camcorder is
extremely high. Turn off your camcorder
and leave it for a while in a cool place.
• The temperature of your camcorder is
extremely low. Turn off the camcorder
and take it to a warm place. Leave the
camcorder there for a while, then turn on
the camcorder.
Buttons do not work.
• During Easy Handycam operation,
available buttons/functions are limited.
Cancel Easy Handycam operation. For
details on Easy Handycam operation,
refer to “Handycam Handbook” (PDF).
Your camcorder gets warm.
• This is because the power has been
turned on for a long time. This is not a
The power abruptly turns off.
• When approximately 5 minutes have
elapsed while you do not operate your
camcorder, the camcorder is
automatically turned off (A.SHUT
OFF). Change the setting of [A.SHUT
OFF], or turn on the power again, or use
the AC Adaptor.
• Charge the battery pack (p.11).
does not record images.
• The playback screen is displayed. Set
your camcorder to recording standby
• Your camcorder is recording the image
you have just shot on the hard disk. You
cannot make new recording during this
• The hard disk of the camcorder is full.
Delete unnecessary images (p.24).
• Total number of movies or still images
exceeds the recordable capacity of your
camcorder. Delete unnecessary images
The recording stops.
• The temperature of your camcorder is
extremely high/low. Turn off your
camcorder and leave it for a while in a
cool/warm place.