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Additional Information
Cause and/or Corrective Actions
You are About to View
Pages Over a Secure Connection
Do You Want to Continue?
You are About to Leave
a Secure Internet Connection
Do You Want to Continue?
Warrant Date Expired
Invalid Data
Open Anyway?
Set the Date and Time
Invalid Data
Open Anyway?
Page Certification Error
Invalid Data
Open Anyway?
Opening Error
Invalid File Type
DNS Error
The Requested URL
Could Not Found
Loading Error
Read-Only File in Directory
Unable to Delete the File
Check the File Status
Opening File Error
Read-Only File
This File is Locked
Enter User Name
and Password
Disconnected Automatically
Retry Later
You tried to open an SSL page. When you know that the page is safe,
tap [OK].
The clock is not set up on your camcorder. Set up the clock setting.
The certification of the page may be broken, wrong, or it may be of
other pages. When you know that the page is safe, tap [OK].
You cannot display this page on your camcorder.
•The URL may be wrong.
•The DNS entry on the PPP screen during manual setup may be
wrong. Check this item.
•Connect to the page again after a while.
on the upper-right LCD screen, then tap
Files modified with a computer may not be deleted by the camcorder.
User authentication is required to access the page. Enter your user
name and password.
Check the Network Options setup (p.
The page memo cannot be stored while the unit is loading a web
page. Store it again after the web page has been loaded (p. 86).
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