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How to use the stylus
The buttons required for operating your camcorder are displayed on the LCD screen.
Operate by pressing the buttons on the screen directly but lightly with the stylus
provided. In this manual, pressing the buttons in this way using the stylus is referred to
as “tapping”.
Tap the desired button on the screen with the stylus.
The selected button turns orange.
•Do not tap them with sharp-pointed objects other than the stylus supplied.
•Do not tap the LCD screen too hard.
•Do not touch the LCD screen with wet hands.
•When the LCD screen gets dirty, use the supplied cleaning cloth.
•You cannot drag icons, like on a computer, by touching and sliding across your
camcorder screen with the stylus.
•Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your camcorder for the stylus
storage location. To avoid losing the stylus, we recommend that you return it to the
storage location after use.
Basic operations in the NETWORK mode
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