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Network Operation
Downloading images from the album
Before operation
•Insert a “Memory Stick” into your camcorder, for storing images.
•Release the lock of the “Memory Stick.”
Select the images you want to download.
You can select the images in the following two ways:
Selecting images from the index page:
You can select several images and download them at one time. For details, see
“To select images from the index page” (p. 50).
Selecting an image displayed on the single-image page:
You can select the image displayed on the single-image page and download it.
For details, see “To select an image displayed on the single-image page”
(p. 51).
Check the number of images and the total file size.
When you selected a
When you selected
single image
several images
To cancel downloading the images
Tap [Cancel].
Tap [OK].
The message “Downloading” appears. After the downloading is completed,
the message “Download Complete” appears.
Tap [OK].
The index page or single-image page appears.
To cancel downloading
During downloading, tap [Cancel].
Making your Album on the Web
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