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You can upload still or moving images to Sony’s “Album on the Web” via the Internet
and post the images on your personal album.
You can make your personal album as a simplified web page and send invitation cards
to invite your friends to your album.
You can also access your Album on the Web with your computer. To access your album
from your computer, log in to the “Album on the Web” site with your Login name (ID)
and password.
For more information, access Sony’s “Album on the Web” site
Uploading images to your Album on the Web
Once you have your personal Album on the Web, you can upload images to the album,
and send invitation cards to your friends. This section describes how to upload your
images and send invitation cards.
As for moving images, upload images within the file size constraints of “Album on the
Web”. For details, access “”.
Before operation
Store the desired images in a “Memory Stick” and insert it into your camcorder.
Selecting an album
First, select an album to use to upload images.
Open the Network Menu.
For details on how to open the Network Menu, refer to “Accessing the
network” in the operating instructions supplied with your camcorder.
– Network Operation –
Making your Album on the Web
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