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Setting other preferences
You can access the Internet with your camcorder using the default settings. It is not
necessary to make the following settings. This example is provided to show you how to
make changes, if necessary, in the future.
Display the Setup screen.
Tap [Network Options].
The Network Options screen appears.
Set up the following items:
Verify Password:
Select whether password entry is required when you access
your provider. When you check this item, your password on the PPP screen
is deleted. You have to enter your Login name (ID) and password for
accessing your Album on the Web, or enter your password for accessing
your provider each time you try to make a connection. This can prevent
other persons from connecting to your provider using your ID.
When this item is checked:
– You cannot set your Login name (ID) password and your password for accessing
your provider.
– You cannot use your Album on the Web.
Time Out:
Select whether the connection is automatically canceled if no
communication is made for specific time (1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15
minutes, or 30 minutes).
Although you have selected a specific time for the “Time Out” function, the
line connection may not be canceled automatically, depends on the web page
you access. In this case, you can cancel the line connection manually (page 90).
Setting network preferences
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