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Customer registration
DI Customer registration
The camcorder offers network functions in addition to its basic functions. In order to
take full advantage of these network functions, you should complete the DI (Digital
Imaging) customer registration for the services provided. For details on services
available, see the supplied leaflet “Start Here!”.
When you complete your DI customer registration, your Login name (ID) and
password are issued immediately.
Complete DI customer registration
Access to “” with your computer.
Click [Register].
Click Network Handycam registration link or enter your registration code
indicated on the registration leaflet supplied with your camcorder.
Complete “DI customer registration” following the on-screen guidance.
About the Login name (ID) and password
After the customer registration has been completed, a Login name (ID) and password
will be displayed. The Login name (ID) and password are very important, so be sure to
write down in the “Setup memo” (p. 104).
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