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Access point (p. 28)
A telephone number used to access the Internet, which is provided by an Internet
service provider.
Most providers install access points in various areas. We recommend that you select the
most convenient access point which allows you to obtain the lowest telephone charges.
Address book (p. 44)
Used to register email destination addresses.
APOP (p. 28)
APOP is an authentication protocol for security. When your provider supports APOP,
we recommend that you check this item. For more information on whether the provider
support APOP or not, consult your provider.
@ (At mark)
Used to separate the domain name and the user name.
Attachment (p. 41)
To attach a file to an email message.
Connect time (p. 60)
The time for being connected with an Internet service provider using a dial-up
connection. Most Internet service providers charge for the time connected.
Cookie (p. 31)
Used by the operator of an Internet site to identify the user. This is frequently used in
online shopping.
Dial-up connection (p. 27)
The dial-up connection is used to access the Internet using a phone line.
DNS (p. 28)
An abbreviation for Domain Name System. This “DNS” is also referred to as a “name
server,” “primary DNS server,” “primary name server,” etc. This is a server that
replaces a domain name with an IP address. This is specified by an IP address.
Load information from the server through the phone line.
Email (p. 33)
Also referred to as “Email”, “Mail”, etc. Using a network, such as the Internet, you can
send and receive a message very quickly. Email is easy to edit or store.
Email address (p. 28)
Also referred to as an “Email address”, “Mail address”, etc. This is the destination
address for email. There is no need to specify the country and the house number. The
same address does not exist in the world. You can receive your email even if your are in
another country.
Forward (p. 54)
To forward a received email message to another person. “Fw:” (Forward) is added to
the beginning of the title in order to indicate that the email is a forwarded email.
ID (p. 28)
Used to identify the user in combination with a password when accessing the Internet
through the Internet service provider.
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