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Additional Information
Various messages appear on the screen. Check the corresponding descriptions in the
following list.
Cause and/or Corrective Actions
Bluetooth Connection Error
Authentication Error
Check the Certified Status
Registration Error
Check the Passkey
Bluetooth Communication
Connection Error
Select Bluetooth Device
PPP Authentication Error
Check ID or Password
Phone Line Disconnected
Connection Error
No Response From PPP Server
Bluetooth Connection Error
Check Phone Line
Low Battery
Profile Error
Reset Profile
Memory Error
Memory Stick Error
Memory Stick Error
Outgoing Mail Cancelled
Memory Stick Error
Unable to Open the File
Memory Stick Error
Action Cancelled
Memory Stick Error
Incoming Mail Cancelled
Memory Stick Format Error
M essages
•The Bluetooth device is too far from the camcorder.
•The Bluetooth device is busy.
Register the Bluetooth device again.
•The passkey was wrong.
•The passkey transmission failed.
•The Bluetooth device was turned off.
•The Bluetooth device is too far from the camcorder.
•The Bluetooth device became impossible to connect.
No Bluetooth devices are registered. Register the Bluetooth device
(p. 18).
Your ID or password entered on the PPP screen during manual
setup may be wrong.
Check the connection status.
•The telephone number entered on the PPP screen in manual setup
may be wrong.
•The setup of Modem unit on the Network Options screen is wrong.
Check that the Bluetooth device is connected to a telephone terminal.
The capacity of the battery pack is insufficient. Change the battery
pack or use the AC power adaptor.
Check the setup. If an entry is missing, set up again referring to your
Exit the NETWORK mode, then enter the NETWORK mode again.
The “Memory Stick” may be broken. Do the following; exit the
NETWORK mode, turn off the camcorder, remove and insert the
“Memory Stick,” then operate the camcorder. If the message still
appears, use another “Memory Stick.”
Format the “Memory Stick” with your camcorder.
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