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Network Operation
Tap [Go].
The screen used for verifying the connection appears.
Set your Bluetooth device to connection standby with your camcorder
beforehand. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your
Bluetooth device.
Check the telephone number.
When dialing other telephone numbers
Tap [TEL No.]. The registered telephone number list appears. Tap the desired
telephone number. The selected telephone number is specified.
Tap [Connect].
Your camcorder starts dialing the selected telephone number. After the
connection is completed, the web page specified by the bookmark is displayed.
To select other bookmark
Tap [Return] in step 4. The bookmark list appears. Tap other bookmark.
Storing the w eb page into a “M emory Stick” – Page M emo
You can store your favourite web pages in a “Memory Stick”. Once you store them, you
can view the web page without accessing the Internet.
You cannot store a web page that the URL is more than 256 characters.
Storing the w eb page into a “M emory Stick”
You can store up to 30 page memos in a “Memory Stick.”
Before operation
•Insert a “Memory Stick” into your camcorder, for storing web pages.
•Release the lock of the “Memory Stick.”
Display the web page you want to store.
When the menu bar is not displayed, tap
on the upper-right LCD screen.
The menu bar appears.
View ing w eb pages
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