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When you fail to load a w eb page
[Loading Error] message appears. Tap [OK], then tap
on the upper-right LCD
screen, and tap
in the menu bar. Network menu appears again.
The buttons may not function, depending on the accessed web page.
Note on connection status indication
The connection status is indicated on the top of the screen. This item also shows a
connected time and the address of the web page. The connecting time indication should
be used as a guide.
Off Line:
being offline
Loading a web page
On Line:
being online
•When the address is too long to display, the whole address is not indicated. If you
want to know the correct address of the page, tap
. The address is indicated in full.
•A portion of the whole page is displayed on the screen.
•It takes more time to load a large size page, and its images or text may not be
displayed properly. This is not a malfunction.
•When you try to open a large size page, the message “Data too Large for Full Display”
appears and the entire page may not be loaded.
•When viewing a scaled-down page, the screen may show some flicker or the color
may be strange. This is not a malfunction.
•To prevent a malfunction, operate the menu bar buttons after loading the page.
You can access the web page from a bookmark. For details, see “
Jumping to the web
page specified by the bookmark” (p. 64).
View ing w eb pages
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