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Using email
To cancel receiving email
While downloading, tap [Cancel]. Email you don’t receive remains on your server.
When the message is long
Tap the scroll button
to scroll the message.
When a file is attached to an email message
Your camcorder can receive the following extension file:
, and
When you receive other types of files, the message “Attached Invalid File
Deleted” is
inserted in the email message. Your camcorder cannot play back the attached image if
the file is in an incompatible format.
To view an attached image
Exit the NETWORK mode, then view the image following the same procedure as that
for viewing an image recorded in a “Memory Stick.” In such cases, the attached file will
be stored next to the last-recorded image recorded in VCR or MEMORY/NETWORK
When no new messages have been sent to you
The message “No New Mail” appears.
URL included in an email message
When a URL (“http://...”) is typed in the message, tap the URL. The browser starts
automatically and accesses the indicated web page.
•The maximum number of email message characters allowed is 4 000. More than that
number of characters will cause the excess characters to be deleted and a message
indicating that some of the text was deleted is attached to the beginning of the
•It takes a lot of time to receive the message depending on the attached image file size.
•You can automatically check the email inbox after sending email. For details, see
Setting other preferences” (p. 30).
•You can skip an email message if its file size is too large. For details, see “
other preferences” (p. 30).
•For email messages, the maximum number of characters used for the subject and the
sender name has an upper limit of 24 characters. When you receive an email message
with more than 24 characters in these items, you cannot read the subject and the
sender name on your camcorder.
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