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Network Operation
Tap [Receive].
The screen for verifying the connection appears.
Set your Bluetooth device to connection standby with your camcorder
beforehand. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your
Bluetooth device.
Check the telephone number.
When dialing other telephone numbers
Tap [TEL No.]. The registered telephone number list appears. Tap the desired
telephone number. The selected telephone number is specified.
Tap [Connect].
Your camcorder starts dialing the selected telephone number. When an email
message has been sent to you, your camcorder download it, and the message
“Receiving Mail Complete” appears. Tap [OK]. The phone line is automatically
disconnected after email is received.
When an email message has been received, tap the area where a message is
displayed or [Message].
The message is displayed.
Tap [Return].
The Receive screen appears again.
Using email
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