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Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony Handycam. This Handycam can access
to the Internet through your provider using a dial-up networking connection with a
Bluetooth device. You can view web pages, receive email, and send email with images
recorded on your camcorder attached. The communication system is Bluetooth Ver.1.1
and its compatible Bluetooth profiles are the “Generic Access Profile” and the “Dial-up
Networking Profiles”.
– Introduction –
The network function on the camcorder
Easy access to
the Internet
You can view a web page
via the Internet.
You can send or receive email
anytime, and attach images to
email messages.
Send/receive your emails
Set the camcorder’s clock setting before using the Network functions. (The default setting is OFF.)
If you do not set the clock setting, you cannot send and receive emails or view web pages.
You also have to set up your camcorder and the peripheral device.
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