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Tap [Info.].
The Bluetooth Setup: Self information screen appears.
To return Bluetooth Setup screen
Tap [Return].
Radio w ave indication
indicates the radio wave status of the connected Bluetooth device. (Use this
indication as a guide.)
Selecting other Bluetooth devices from the list
Tap the Bluetooth device you want to specify in step 4 in on page 20. The device
information is indicated.
Tap [Exit].
Deleting a registered Bluetooth device from the list
You can register up to three Bluetooth devices on your camcorder. When deleting a
Bluetooth device from the list, follow the procedure below.
Open the Network Menu.
For details on how to open the Network Menu, refer to “Accessing the
network” in the operating instructions supplied with your camcorder.
Overview of the Bluetooth w ireless technology
The model name
This is the unique address assigned to each
camcorder at the factory. This address is used
when exchanging information between
devices. This address cannot be modified.
(The number indicated on the illustration is
an example number.)
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