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Description:Компактная камера
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Downloading stored images
You can download the still images stored on the camera to your PC's hard disk
and print them or use a photo editing software to edit them.
1. Connect the camera to your PC with the USB cable.
3. Select an image and press the right mouse
4. A pop-up menu will open.
Click the [Cut] or [Copy] menu.
- [Cut]
: cuts a selected file.
- [Copy]
: copies files.
5. Click a folder where you want to paste the file.
Starting PC mode
7. An image file is transferred from the camera to
your PC.
6. Press the right mouse button and a pop-up
menu will open. Click [Paste].
- By using [Digimax Master], you can see the stored images in the memory
directly on the PC monitor and you can copy or move the image files.
We recommend that you should copy the images to the PC to view them.
Opening images directly from the removable disk may be subject to
unexpected disconnection.
When you upload a file that is not taken by this camera to the Removable
Disk, the [File Error!] message will be displayed on the LCD monitor in the
PLAY mode, and nothing is displayed in THUMBNAIL mode.
2. On your computer's desktop display, select
[My computer] and double click [Removable
The image files will then be displayed.