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Description:Компактная камера
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Software Notes
About the software
System Requirements
Please ensure that you read the instruction manual carefully before use.
The attached software is a camera driver and image editing software tool for
Under no circumstances should all or part of either the software or the user
manual be reproduced.
Copyrights for software are licensed only for use with a camera.
In the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault, we will repair or exchange your
camera. We cannot, however, be held responsible in any way for damage
caused by inappropriate use.
Using a Hand-made PC or a PC and OS that has not been guaranteed by the
manufacturer is not covered by the Samsung warranty.
Before reading this manual, you should have a basic knowledge of computers
and O/S (Operating Systems).
After inserting the CD-ROM provided with this camera into the CD-ROM drive, the
following window should automatically run.
Before connecting the camera to the PC,
you should first install the camera driver.
Screen Captures illustrated on this manual
is based on English Edition of Windows.
This manual is based on model
For Windows
For Macintosh
98 / 98SE / 2000 / ME / XP
Mac OS
Minimum 64MB RAM
Minimum 64MB RAM
200MB of available hard disk space
110MB of available hard-disk space
USB port
USB port
CD-ROM drive
CD-ROM drive
PC with processor better than
Pentium II 450MHz
(Pentium 700MHz recommended)
1024x768 pixels, 16bit color display
compatible monitor
(24bit color display recommended)
MicroSoft DirectX 9.0C
Power Mac G3 or later
Camera driver : This enables images to transfer between the camera and PC.
This camera uses the USB Storage Driver as the camera driver. You can use
the camera as a USB card reader. After installing the driver and connecting this
camera to the PC, you can find [Removable Disk] in [Windows Explorer] or [My
computer]. A USB Storage Driver is provided only for Windows. A USB Driver
for MAC is not included with the Application CD. You can use the camera with
Mac OS 9.2 ~ 10.3.
Digimax Master : This is the all-in-one multi media software solution.
You can download, view, edit and save your digital images and movie clips clip
with this software. This software is only compatible with Windows.
Be sure to check the system requirements before installing the driver.
You should allow 5 ~ 10 seconds for running the automatic setup program
according to the capability of your computer. If the frame does not show, run
the [Windows Explorer] and select [Installer.exe] in the CD-ROM Drive root