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Description:Компактная камера
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Important notes
Extremes in temperature may cause problems.
- If the camera is transferred from a cold to a warm and humid environment,
condensation can form on the delicate electronic circuitry. If this occurs, turn
the camera off and wait for at least 1 hour until all moisture is dispersed.
Moisture built up can also occur on the memory card. If this happens, turn off
the camera and remove the memory card. Wait until the moisture has
Caution on Using the Lens
- If the lens is subjected to direct sunlight, it could result in the discoloration and
deterioration of the image sensor.
- Pay attention not to get fingerprints or foreign substances on the surface of the
If the digital camera is not used for a long period, an electric discharge can
It is a good idea to remove the battery and the memory card if you do not intend
using the camera for an extended period of time.
If the camera is exposed to an electronic interference, it will turn itself off to
protect the memory card.
Camera Maintenance
- Use a soft brush (available from photo stores) to gently clean the lens and LCD
assemblies. If this does not work, lens-cleaning paper with lens cleaning fluid
can be used.
Clean the camera body with a soft cloth. Do not allow this camera to come into
contact with solvent materials such as benzol, insecticide, thinners etc. This
may damage the body shell of the camera and also affect its performance.
Rough handling can damage the LCD monitor. Take care to avoid damage
and keep the camera in its protective carry case at all times when not in use.
Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the camera.
Under certain conditions, static electricity can cause the flash unit to fire. This is
not harmful to the camera and is not a malfunction.
When images are uploaded or downloaded, the data transfer may be affected by
static electricity. In this case, disconnect and re-connect the USB cable before
trying the transfer again.
Before an important event or going on a trip, you should check the camera
- Take a picture for testing the camera condition and prepare extra battery.
- Samsung cannot be held responsible for camera malfunctions.