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Description:Компактная камера
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If the [USB] menu is set to the [Computer], you cannot connect a Pictbridge
compatible printer to the camera through USB cable with [Connecting Computer]
message. By pressing the Printer button, at this point, you can connect the easy
printing mode with [Connecting Printer] message.
In some instances the camera may not connect to the printer, this will depend on
the make of the printer.
Easy printing
When you connect the camera to printer in the Play
back mode, you can print a picture easily.
- Pressing the printer (
) button :
Currently displayed image will be printed with the
printer’s default setting.
- Pressing the Left / Right button :
Selects a previous / next image.
You can use the USB cable to connect this camera to a printer that supports
PictBridge (sold separately) and print the stored images directly. Movie clips and
voice files cannot be printed.
Connecting the Camera to a Printer
Setting up the camera for connection to the printer
1. Connect the camera and printer with USB cable.
2. Select the [Printer] menu by pressing Up / Down
button and press the OK button.
Select USB