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5. The (
) icon will be displayed on the LCD
monitor after voice memo recording has finished.
- Voice memos can’t be recorded onto movie clip
and voice recording files.
- A distance of 40cm between you and the
camera (microphone) is the best distance to
record sound.
- The voice memo will be saved in
.wav format, but has the same file name
as the still image to which it corresponds.
- If you add a new voice memo to the still image that already has a voice
memo, the existing voice memo will be erased.
Voice (
) memo / Up button
In Play mode, the play & pause/ down button works as follows:
- If the menu is displayed
Press the DOWN button to move from the main menu to a sub menu, or to
move down the sub menu cursor.
- If a still image with a voice memo, a voice file, or a movie clip is playing
In Stop mode
: Plays a still image with a voice memo, a voice file, or a movie
During playback
: Temporarily stops playback.
In Pause mode
: Resumes playback
Play & Pause (
) / Down button
[ Voice recording is stopped ]
[ Voice recording is playing ]
[ Voice recording is paused ]
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