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Starting play mode
Playing back a movie clip
Steps from 1-2 are the same as those to play back
a still image.
3. Select the recorded movie clip and press the
Play & Pause button to play back.
- To pause a movie clip file while playing it back,
press the play & pause button again.
- Pressing the play & pause button again will
cause the movie clip file restart.
- To rewind the movie clip while it is playing,
press the LEFT button. To fast forward the
movie clip, press the RIGHT button.
- To stop playback of the movie clip, press the
play & pause button, and then press the LEFT
or RIGHT button.
Manner mode : Pressing the play mode button for more than 3 seconds
changes the buzzer and start-up sound setting to OFF,
even though you may have set these to ON.
Lightly press the shutter button in Play mode to switch to the currently set
shooting mode.
Movie clip capture function : capture still images from the movie clip.
How to capture the movie clip
Steps 1-3 are the same as those for playing back a
movie clip.
4. Press the Play / Pause button while playing the
movie clip. Then press the E button.
5. The paused movie clip is saved in a new file
The captured movie clip file has same size as
the original movie clip. (640X480, 320X240)
[ Pressing the E button ]
[ Paused ]
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