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Description:Компактная камера
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Exposure compensation
Exposure compensation : This camera automatically adjusts the exposure
according to the ambient lighting conditions.
You can also select the exposure value by using the
+ / - button.
Compensating Exposure
1. Press the + / - button, and then use the UP and
DOWN buttons to select the exposure
compensation icon (
The exposure compensation menu bar will
appear as shown.
2. Use the LEFT and RIGHT buttons to set the
desired exposure compensation factor.
3. Press the + / - button again. The value you set will be saved and the Exposure
Compensation setup mode will close.
If you change the exposure value, the exposure indicator (
) will be
displayed on the bottom of the LCD monitor.
A negative exposure compensation value reduces the exposure.
Note that a positive exposure compensation value increases the exposure
and the LCD monitor will appear white or you may not get good pictures.
Starting play mode
If the memory card is inserted in the camera, all the camera functions apply only
to the memory card.
If the memory card is not inserted in the camera, all the camera functions apply
only to the internal memory.
If you have turned on the camera by pressing the POWER button, you can press
the PLAY MODE button once to switch to Play mode and press it again to switch
to Recording mode.
You can turn the power on with the play mode button. The camera is turned on in
play mode. Press the play mode button again and the camera will be turned off.
You can set up the PLAY mode function by using the camera buttons and LCD
2. The last image stored on the memory is
displayed on the LCD monitor.
Playing back a still image
1. Select the PLAY mode by pressing the
play mode button (
3. Select an image that you want to play back
by pressing the LEFT / RIGHT button.
Press and hold the Left or Right button to
fast forward the images played.