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Digimax Master
You can download, view, edit and save your images and movies with this
software. This software is only compatible with Windows.
To start the program, click Digimax Master from the desktop.
Downloading images
1. Connect the camera to your PC.
2. A window for downloading images will
display after connecting the camera to
your PC.
To download the captured images,
select the [Select All] button.
Select desired folder in the window
and click the [Select All] button.
You can save captured images and
selected folders.
If you click the [Cancel] button, downloading will be cancelled.
3. Click [(N)>] button.
4. Select a destination and make a folder to
save downloaded images and folders.
Folder names can be made in order of
date and images will be downloaded.
Folder name will be made as you want
and images will be downloaded.
After selecting a folder that was made
before, images will be downloaded.
5. Click [Next >] button.
7. Downloaded images will be displayed.
6. A window will open as shown alongside.
The destination of the selected folder
will be displayed on the upper side of
the window. Click the [Start] button to
download the images.