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Before contacting a service centre
The camera suddenly stops working while in use
The camera stopped due to a malfunction
Remove /re-insert battery and switch the camera on.
The images are unclear
A picture was taken of the subject without setting an appropriate macro mode
Select an appropriate macro mode to take a clear image.
Taking a picture beyond the flash range
Take a picture within the flash range.
The lens is smudged or dirty
Clean the lens.
The flash does not fire
Flash off mode has been selected
Dis-engage flash off mode.
The camera mode can’t use flash
Refer to the FLASH instruction (p.27).
Incorrect date and time is displayed
The date and time have been set incorrectly or the camera has adopted the
default settings
Reset the date and time correctly.
The camera buttons do not operate
Camera malfunction
Remove/re-insert battery and switch the camera on.
A card error has occurred while the memory card is in the camera.
Incorrect memory card format
Re-format the memory card.
The images don’t play back
Incorrect file name (Violation of DCF format)
Do not change the image file name.
Colour of image is different to the original scene
White balance or effect setting is incorrect
Select appropriate White balance and effect.
Images are too bright
Exposure is excessive
Reset exposure compensation.
No image on external monitor
The external monitor has not been connected properly with the camera
Check the connection cables.
There are incorrect files in the memory card
Insert a memory card that has correct files.
When using the PC’s explorer, the [Removable Disk] file does not show
Cable connection is incorrect
Check the connection.
The camera is off
Turn the camera on.
The operating system is not Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista / Mac OS
Mac OS 10.1 ~ 10.4. Alternatively the PC does not support USB
Install Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista / Mac OS 10.1 ~ 10.4. to
PC that supports USB.
The camera driver is not installed
Install a [USB Storage Driver] provided with a camera.
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