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Setting up the camera for connection to the printer
1. Connect the camera and printer with USB cable.
2. Select the [Printer] menu.
You can use the USB cable to connect this camera to a printer that supports
PictBridge (sold separately) and print the stored images directly. Movie clips
and voice files cannot be printed.
If the [USB] menu is set to the [Computer], you cannot connect a Pictbridge
compatible printer to the camera through USB cable with [Connecting
Computer] message. In this case, remove the cable and do the step 1, 2
You can print the images by pressing the print button at the back of camera.
PictBridge : Picture Selection
You can select images you want to print.
Setting the Number of Copies to Print
Press the Menu icon and the PictBridge menu
will display.
Select the [Images] menu.
Select a desired sub menu.
Select [One Pic] or [All Pics]. A screen where
you can set the number of copies to print will
appear as shown below.
Press the
icon to select the number of
When [One Pic] is selected : Use the
icon to select another picture.
After selecting another picture, select the
number of prints for another picture.
When [All Pic] is selected, All images are printed as the number of
prints set.
After setting the number of prints, press the OK icon to save.
Press the Shutter button to return to the menu without setting the
number of prints.
Press the Print icon (
) and images will be printed.
Easy printing
When you connect the camera to printer in the
Play back mode, you can print a picture easily.
Pressing the printer (
) icon :
Currently displayed image will be printed
with the printer’s default setting.
Pressing the
icon : Selects a previous / next image