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[Formatting a memory]
This is used for formatting the memory. If you run [Format] on the memory,
all images, including the protected images, and World Tour Guide file will be
Be sure to download important images to your PC before formatting the
Sub menus
The memory will not be formatted.
[Yes] :
A [Processing!] message appears
and the memory will be formatted.
If you run [Format] in Play mode, a
[No Image!] message will appear.
Be sure to run [Format] on the following types of memory card.
A new memory card, or an unformatted memory card.
A memory card that has a file this camera can’t recognize or one
that has been taken from another camera.
Always format the memory card using this camera. If you insert a
memory card that has been formatted using other cameras, memory
card readers, or PCs, you will get a [Card Error!] message.
Setup 2
This is used to reset the camera settings. If you select [Reset All], all settings
will be reset.
Sub menu
: All settings will not be reset.
[Yes] : All settings will be reset.
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