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Setup 2
[Quick view]
If you enable Quick View before capturing an image, you can view the image
you just captured on the LCD monitor for the duration set in the [Quick View]
setup. Quick view is possible only with still images.
Sub menus
[Off] : The quick view function can’t be activated.
[0.5, 1, 3 sec] : The captured image is briefly
displayed during the selected time.
[Auto power off]
This function switches the camera off after a set amount of time in order to
prevent unnecessary battery drainage.
Sub menus
[1, 3, 5, 10 min] : The power will turn off
automatically if not used for the period
of time specified.
After replacing the battery, the power off setting will be preserved.
Note that the automatic power off function will not operate if the camera
is in PC mode, slide show, playing back a voice recording, playing back a
movie file or taking a composite shot.
[LCD Save]
This function switches LCD monitor off after a set amount time in order to
prevent unnecessary battery drainage.
If the camera is not used for about 30 seconds, the power and camera status
lamps blink and the LCD monitor turns off.
Sub menu
[Off] : turn off the LCD save.
[On] : turn on the LCD save.
This menu will increase the sensitivity of the Touch
Pen. Press the Touch Point on the LCD monitor
with the Touch Pen.
After pressing the Touch Point three times, the
menu is set and pre-view image will display
When you calibrate the LCD monitor, press the
Calibration point exactly or menus on the LCD monitor aren’t selected or
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