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There is a choice of languages that can be displayed on the LCD monitor.
Even if the battery and AC charger are removed and inserted again, the
language setting will be preserved.
LANGUAGE sub menu :
English, Korean, French, German, Spanish,
Italian, S.Chinese, T.Chinese, Japanese,
Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish,
Swedish, Finnish, Thai, Bahasa (Malay
/ Indonesian), Arabic, Czech, Polish,
Hungarian and Turkish.
[Setting up the date, time and date type]
You can change the date and time that will be
displayed on the captured images and set up the
date type.
Date type : [yy/mm/dd]
Setup 1
This function allows the user to select the file naming format.
: After using the reset function, the next file name will be set from 0001 even
after formatting, deleting all or inserting a new memory card.
: New files are named using numbers that follow the previous sequence,
even when a new memory card is used, or after formatting, or after deleting
all pictures.
The first stored folder name is 100SSCAM, and the first file name is
File names are assigned sequentially from SL740001 - SL740002 -
~ - SL749999.
The folder number is assigned sequentially from 100 to 999 as follows:
100SSCAM, 101SSCAM ~ 999SSCAM.
The files used with the memory card conform to the DCF (Design rule for
Camera File systems) format.
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