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Select [Color Effect] menu.
Select [Custom Color] menu.
Select R(Red), G(Green), B(Black) color.
icon: adjust R, G, B value.
Effect : Color Effect
By using the camera’s digital processor, it is
possible to add special effects to your images.
1. Select [Color Effect] menu.
2. Select [Color] menu.
3. Select a desired color effect.
Do not use special effect.
Save picture as B/W.
Save picture as sephia color.
Save picture as red.
Save picture as green.
Save picture as blue.
Save picture’s brightness in negative mode.
4. Press [Save] to save picture as applied preset RGB value.
With this menu, You can change the colour information of the image
(excluding Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) to Black and White color.
Color Filter
Custom Color
Press the [Save] icon and the image is saved as a new file name.
Color Mask
You can adjust degree of color saturation to
emphasize the certain area of picture.
1. Select [Color Effect] menu.
2. Select [Color Mask].
A mark for selecting part will be displayed.
+, - icon : Changing the mask size
Pressing the LCD monitor : Moving the
3. Press [SAVE].
Mask effect applied picture is saved.