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This function allows you to embed print quantity information on a stored
1. Select [DPOF] menu tab by pressing
2. Select the [Standard] menu.
3. Select desired sub menu.
[One] :
Configure number of prints for the
selected pictures.
: Select an image of prints.
: Select the number of prints.
[All] :
Configure number of prints for all
pictures except movie and voice files.
: Select the number of prints.
[Cancel] : Cancel the print setup.
4. Press the OK button to confirm the setting.
If an image carries DPOF instructions, the
DPOF indicator (
) will show.
DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) allows you to embed printing information
on your memory card’s MISC folder. Select the pictures to be printed and
how many prints to make.
The DPOF indicator will display on the LCD monitor when an image that has
DPOF information plays back.
Images can then be printed on DPOF printers, or at an increasing number of
photo labs.
This function is not available for Movie clips and Voice recording files.
If a memory card is not inserted, the menus are still displayed in the LCD, but
are not selectable.
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