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This is used to protect specific shots from being accidentally erased and to
unprotect images that have been previously protected.
1. Select desired menu tab by pressing
2. Selection window for an image to be protected/
released is displayed.
[Select] : Double click an image to protect.
[All] : Protect/ release all saved images.
If you protect an image, the protect
)icon will be displayed on the LCD
(An unprotected image has no indicator)
An image in LOCK mode will be protected
from the delete function, but will NOT be
protected from the format function.
Deleting images
Of all the files stored in the memory card, the unprotected files in the DCIM
subfolder will be deleted. Remember that this will permanently delete
unprotected images.
Important shots should be stored on a computer before deletion takes place.
The startup image are stored in the camera’s internal memory (i.e., not on
the memory card) and it will not be deleted even if you delete all files on the
memory card.
Select [Delete] menu tab by pressing
Select desired sub menu tab.
[Select] : Selection window for an image to be
deleted is displayed.
Press [YES] to delete the
marked image.
("Delete All?" message appears)
- Press [YES] to delete the
marked image
[All] : Confirmation windows is displayed.
Press [YES] to delete all unprotected
If there aren’t any protected images, all
images are deleted and a [No Image!]
message will display.
The play mode returns after the image is
Protecting images
Voice Memo
You can add your voice to a stored still image.
Press the shutter button to start recording and
voice will be recorded to the still image for 10
The recording can be stopped by pressing the
shutter button again.
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