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Info (
) button
Pressing the Info button will display information about the image on the LCD
Info (
) button
Info (
) button
Info (
) button
Printer (
) button
Print button is not available and can’t be
connected to printer when you select
[COMPUTER] at [USB] menu. You can
get [Connecting Computer] message after
Pictbridge connection.
In some instances the camera may
not connect to the printer, this will
depend on the make of the printer.
After the connection, the Easy
printing menu will display on the
LCD monitor.
Using the remote control in play mode
You can play the movie clip and images by remote control.
Move button: move the images on LCD monitor.
Play/Pause button: play or pause voice memo,
voice recording, movie clip or images.
Enlargement button : Enlarge the images.
Play mode button : play the images or movie clip.
Thumbnail button: display images into 9 thumbnail images.
See page 25 about using the remote control in recording mode.
Voice Memo button : Insert voice memo into a still image.
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