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World Tour Guide
You can get the useful travel information for destinations around the world.
Korean, English and Chinese information is available and the language can
be varied in accordance with the sales region.
You can download the tour guide information from the Samsung Camera
Download the tour guide information
In order for you to use the World Tour Guide function, the tour information file
should be stored on the internal memory of the camera.
Visit the Customer Support at, and download the tour guide information
you want.
Download the file to the computer and extract the file.
Connect and turn on the camera and computer.
Run the Window Explorer. Find the Removable disk.
Make [Tour] folder on the Removable disk.
Select a file you want and copy it to the removable disk.
Select World Tour Guide mode.
Starting the World Tour Guide.
Select the location.
Select the country
Select the city
Select the state
Starting the world tour guide
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