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Effect : Fun
Press the [EFFECT] menu in an available recording mode. If the image size 6M P (3072X2048), 5M W (3072X1728) are selected, the FUN menu cannot be
selected. The size of Cartoon image is fixed to 1M.
Select Cartoon (
Select the frame using
Press the Shutter button
You can delete the
capture image and
take an image again.
Select a deleted
image and press the
Taking the first image
You can change the
frame by pressing
Press the Set icon
Changing the text box location:
Pressing the
The final image
Taking the second image
Press the SAVE icon and the image
is saved.
Before saving the image, you can
change the position of the text box.
Pressing the OK icon
Press the Shutter button
Press the LCD monitor
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