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Effect : Color Effect
Color Mask
Effect: Image Adjust
With this menu, You can select a part you want to highlight. The rest of the
image will be black and white.
1. Press [Menu Effect] menu icon.
2. Select [Color Effect] menu.
3. Select [Color Mask].
The effect area appears.
You can move the effect area by touching.
You can adjust the size of effect area by pressing +/- icon.
4. The masked area of the picture is captured when you press the shutter
You can adjust the saturation of picture.
Press [Menu Effect] menu icon.
Select [Image Adjust].
Select [Saturation].
Control bar appears after selecting
4. You can adjust the saturation by pressing
+ direction : High saturation
(The colour will be deep)
- direction : Low saturation
(The colour will be subtle)
Press [SAVE] for saving current setting.
Press the OK button and the
Mask mark will display on
the LCD monitor
+, - icon: Changing the
Mask size
Touch LCD monitor : Move
the mask
You can change the size and
position with the Edit icon
Pressing the OK icon
Press the Shutter button and the mask added image is taken.
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