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Starting the recording mode
This function can detect up to 9 persons.
When the camera recognises many people at a time, the camera
on the nearest person.
When Face recognition begins, Digital Zoom cannot work.
When Face recognition begins, Effect mode cannot work.
When successful, the recognized face will be green and the
surrounding will be grey.
Return to previous AF mode if face recognition was failure.
In some of the following conditions, this function cannot work properly.
- When a person wears dark glasses or some part of the face is hidden.
- The person being taken does not look at the camera.
The maximum available Face Recognition range is 2.5m (Zoom Step 1).
The nearer the subject, the faster the camera can recognize the subject.
How to use the SCENE mode (
Use scene menu to easily configure optimal settings
for a variety of shooting situations.
The scene modes are listed below.
1. Select the SCENE mode by rotating the mode
2. Press [MENU EFFECT] icon and select [Recording]
3. Select [Scene Mode]
12 scenes appears on the LCD monitor.
4. Select the scene for optimal recording settings.
To take a picture of
fast moving objects, for
example, children and insects.
To take pictures of distant scenery.
Close-up shooting for small objects such as
[TEXT] (
Use this mode to shoot a document.
For taking pictures of sunsets.
[DAWN] (
Daybreak scenes.
For portraits without shadows caused by
Firework scenes.
For ocean, lake, beach and snowscape
) :
For taking self shot.
) :
For taking pictures of food.
[CAFE] (
) :
For taking pictures of indoor scenes.
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