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Burner Air Adiustment:
Each grill burner
is tested and adjusted
at the factory
prior to shipment;
however, varia-
tions in the local gas supply or a conversion
from one gas to another may make it necessary
adjust the burners. The flames
of the Grill burners should be visually
checked and compared
that of the drawing below. Flames should be blue and stable with no yellow tips, excessive
noise or lifting. If any of these conditions
exist, check if the air shutter or burner ports are
blocked by dirt, debris, spider webs, etc. Proceed with air shutter adjustment.
The amount of air which enters a burner
is governed
by a sheet metal cup or disk at the
inlet of the burner called an air shutter.
It is locked in place by a set screw which must be loos-
ened prior to lighting the burner for adjustment.
1. Be extremely
careful as the burner may be
very hot.
2. If the flame
is yellow, indicating
turn the air shutter counterclockwise
to allow
air to the burner.
3. If the flame
is noisy and tends to lift away from
the burner, indicating
too much air, turn the air shutter
4. Once adjusted
turn the burner off and install the briquette
trays and grill racks.
Set Screw
Low Setting Adjustments:
The valves
on the
grill feature
an adjustable
low setting.
to fluctuations
in gas pressure,
heating value or gas conversion,
may feel it necessary
to increase
or decrease
gas flow in the low
position. We do not recommend
the infra-red
rotis burner.
Flame Cone
1/2" Flame
Air Shutter
Valve Stem
To Adjust:
1. Light the burner.
2. Turn the control
knob to the lowest setting (all the
way counter-clockwise).
3. Remove the knob.
4. While
holding the valve shaft with pliers, insert a thin
flat tipped screwdriver
into the shaft and while view-
ing the burner adjust to a minimum
stable flame.