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Push the burner valve
knob inward and close
burner valve firmly.
Be sure stove is cool.
• Always detach propane
cylinder outdoors away
from ignition sources.
Unscrew the threaded
outer sleeve that connects
the regulator to the stove
by turning it counterclock-
wise then remove regula-
tor from the stove fuel line.
Detach propane cylinder
from regulator and replace
the plastic protective cap
onto cylinder threads.
Be sure surfaces are
Remove the grill.
Clean the grill with
warm water & deter-
Remove the water pan
and discard the water
and grease.
Clean the water pan
with warm water and mild
household cleaner. Do
not use abrasives.
• Wipe the stove clean
with soft cloth and mild
household cleaner. Do
not use abrasives.
To Remove
Remove side table(s).
To Remove
Place stove on back and
unscrew legs from receivers
in stove handles.
• Thread foot pad into leg.
Snap legs in mounting
brackets on bottom of stove.
• Align arrows on side
tables with legs on stove
and snap tables to bottom
for storage.
• When transporting stove,
ensure that lid is locked.
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