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• For outdoor use only.
Never use inside house, or other unventilated or enclosed areas.
This outdoor stove consumes air (oxygen). Do not use in unventi-
lated or enclosed areas to avoid endangering your life.
• Propaneis heavier than air and can accumulatein low places.If you
smell gas, leavethe area immediately.
• Always attach or detach propane source outdoors;neverwhile stove is
lighted,near flame, pilot lights,other ignition sourcesor while stove is
hot to touch.
• This stove is very hot during use and can igniteflammables too close
to the burner. Minimumdistance from sides and back of unitto walls
or railings is 12inches (30.5 cm). Do not use under overhead unpro-
tectedcombustibleconstruction.Keep gasolineand other flammable
liquids and vaporswell away from stove.
Do not attempt to operate until you have read and understood all
General Safety Information in this manual and all assembly is complete
and leak checks have been performed.
• Never leave stove unattendedwhen hot or in use.
• Keepout of reach of children,
Open the stove lid. Do not attempt to light the stove with lid closed.
Open BURNER VALVEand push igniter button several times until burner
lights. (If the stove is wet, the igniter may not spark until it dries out.)
The unit may be match
lighted if there is no ignition.
First, remove
cooking surface.
Hold lit match next to
BURNER and open
Adjust flame to desired
heat level.
A good flame should be
blue with minimal yellow tip.
Some yellow tips on flames
are acceptable as long as
no carbon or soot
deposits appear.
in Burner
• Do not place a pot or a pan on grill surface.Damage will occur and void
Clean cooking surface with warm water and detergent before first use.
The grill has a porcelain coating.
The grill surface is ideal for steaks, hamburgers or chicken.
Coleman recommends fresh water in the water pan when in use. Fresh
water in the water pan will help food taste better and keep itfrom dryingout.
The lid is removable. Tilt forward and lift.
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