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Remove stove, legs and
regulator from packaging.
Regulator is packed in
the end of the Styrofoam
near front of stove.
Inspect all packing and
remove all parts.
Your unit includes:
(1) Side table(s) - 2nd table
(1) Stove
(1) Lid
(1) Waterpan
(1) Regulator,
(1) Grill
(4) Legs
See replacement parts list for identification.
Step 2
Use a ground cloth
to protect the finish.
Place stove on back
and remove side tables.
Remove legs from
mounting brackets on
bottom of stove.
• Thread legs into
receivers on bottom of
stove handles.
Stand stove up and adjust leg level-
ers if necessary.
Step 3
Place side table wire
fingers in holes on top of
stove handles and push
down on table until it
Step 4
Open Lid.
Remove packing from cooking surfaces, merchandising material from
inside lid, and any other combustible materials from inside the stove.
• Do not use the stove without the water pan in place.
• Coleman recommends water in the water pan when in use. This will
help preventa grease flare-up.
Make sure pins in
WATERPAN match holes in
Cleanup will be improved
if you fill WATER PAN to
mark indicated (MAX).
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