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In Warm,
the upper and lower
maintain a low temperature
in the oven cavity in order to keep
food at serving temperature.
Use the Warm mode to keep cooked foods hot until
ready to serve.
Warm mode temperatures
are 150 °F - 225 OF.
The default temperature
in the Warm mode is 170 °F.
Foods that must be kept moist should be covered with
a lid or aluminum foil.
When using Warm mode, follow these guidelines:
Do not use the Warm mode to heat cold food.
Be sure to maintain proper food temperature.
The USDA recommends
holding hot food at
140 °F or warmer.
DO NOT warm food longer than one hour.
the oven uses the lower
element to maintain a low
to proof bread or other
yeast doughs.
No preheat is necessary.
Proofing is the rising of yeast dough.
The Proof mode temperature
range is 85 °F to 125 °F.
The default temperature
in the Proof mode is 100 °F.
Loosely cover the the bowl or pan and use any rack
that accommodates
the size of the container.
Keep the oven door closed and use the oven light to
check the rising of the dough.
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