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and Suggested
Control does not react when a key is
Be sure that surface is clean and dry. Touch the center of the touch key.
Use the fiat part of your finger.
Fan is running during modes that do not
On some models, the convection
fan runs while the oven is preheating.
use convection
This is normal.
Warm air or steam
escapes from oven
It is normal
to see or feel steam or warm air escaping from the oven vent.
Do not block the vent.
Cooling fan runs even when the oven is
This is normal. The cooling fan will continue
to run, even after the oven has
turned off.
been turned off, until the oven has cooled sufficiently.
Data Plate
The data plate shows the model and serial
number. Refer to the data plate on the
appliance when requesting
The data plate is located on the underside of
the control panel:
Data Plate
How to
Service or Parts
To reach a service
see the contact information
at the front of the
Please be prepared with the information
printed on your product data plate
when calling.
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