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uses both the upper and lower elements to maintain the
oven temperature.
Roasting uses more intense heat from the
upper element than the lower element. This results in more
browning of the exterior while the inside remains especially moist.
Roast is best suited for large cuts of meat and poultry.
Use a high-sided
broil pan, or cover dish with a lid or foil.
Add liquids, such as water, juice, wine, bouillon
or stock for flavor and moisture.
Roasting bags are suitable for use in this mode.
When roasting whole chicken or turkey, tuck wings behind back and loosely tie
legs with kitchen string.
uses heat from the top and bottom elements
as well as heat circulated
by the convection
The Convection
Roast mode is well suited for preparing
tender cuts of meat and
The benefits of Convection
Roast mode include:
As much as 25% faster cooking than non-convection
Rich, golden browning.
Use the same temperature
as indicated in the recipe.
Check aloneness early, since roasting time may decrease.
Refer to Convection
Roast chart for examples.
Do not cover meat or use cooking bags.
Use the broil pan and grid provided with the oven for roasting. A shallow,
pan can also be used.
Use a meat thermometer
to determine
the internal temperature
of the meat.
If the meat is browned to your liking, but is not yet done, a small strip of foil can
be placed over the meat to prevent overbrowning.
Let meat stand covered with foil 10-15
minutes after removing
it from the oven.
Refer to chart for recommended
rack positions.
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